T-72 M4 CZ tank

Nimda that has participated in the upgrading of the T-72M4 CZ tank in the Czech Republic is proposing this complete modernized and upgraded tank, which many of its systems were improved.

For enabling the upgraded and modernized T72 to participate in today’s battlefields requirements almost all of its old systems were changed or upgraded, among them are the following systems: –

New Powerapck

The new powerpack advantages are: More power (1000 HP against 780 HP in the old T72), almost twice shorter time acceleration from stop to 32 km/h, substantially increased mobility and maneuvering capability on terrain, Elimination of human factor mistakes, higher reliability and durability, lower vehicle downtime, easier maintenance and improved performance in extreme ambient temperatures.


Nimda has also made the upgrading of the T-72 Recovery tank which operates with the new powerpack – the combination of Perkins Condor and Allison XTG411-6N. In addition to the powerpack the modernization included the:  Driver”s control equipment an instrument panel, diagnostic and navigation, monitoring equipment, cameras, camouflage, external & internal connection   

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