Nimda’s program of re-powering the M41 includes:

  • Engine: New and improved. The engine was replaced with a diesel engine instead of the gasoline one.
  • New cooling system: water based replacing the air cooling.
  • A new power unit and a new Overhaul for the Allison CD00.

The improved M41 was tested under extreme environment conditions and terrains. The testing included:

  • Cooling capability                                       
  • Towing capability
  • Fording capability
  • Max speed and acceleration
  • Side slope operation
  • Climbing ability up to 60%
  • Max speed on gradient
  • Operation in strong winds up to 80 km/h
  • Operation on fields covered by high grass

The re-powered M41 has high durability and reliability. The acceleration has fast starting and the new engine provides fuel economy.

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