M-113 N2000 APC

Nimda has upgraded the existing M-113 A1 or A2 APCs and many of its systems, and is proud to present the M-113 N-2000 as of January 2018.

The new M-113 N-2000 has a modern Powerpack, which integrates Detroit Diesel 6V53T 300HP Engine and Allison 3000 series automatic transmission. The Allison transmission is fully automatic, electronic controlled and has multiple commercial uses worldwide.

Nimda also offers a complete upgrade and modernizations of other main systems such as: Add-On Armor (RAFAEL) , Smoke-Screen Masking System (S.M.S), Electro-Optical Sight (OPGAL) and Navigation System (Letecké pristroje Praha).

In addition to the new powerpack many other systems were improved among others: Engine braking system, Cooling system, Drive shafts, New Final drives, Suspension system, Shock absorbers, Torsion bars and Driver’s controls.

All those improvements made it possible for the M-113 N-2000 platform to be able to carry extra weight for add-on armour. In this upgrading Nimda is offering “RAFAEL” add-on armour applications. Remote Controlled Weapon Station is also an option.

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