Achzarit HAPC

Achzarit – Heavy Armored Personnel Carrier (HAPC)

Nimda logo The low-silhouette 44 metric ton Heavy Armored Personnel Carrier “Achzarit” was built on the basis of the T-55 tank hull. The T55 hull was modified, upgraded and re-engineered in order to contain a powerful Nimda power pack 710HP DDC 8V92TA with Allison automatic transmission XTG 411-5A, and includes all other systems for operating and controlling the powerpack unit.

The “Achzarit” HAPC is also equipped with the following weapon and auxiliary systems:

  • Auxiliary mobility system
  • Smoke screen via exhaust
  • Add-on armor
  • Remote weapon station
  • Drivers night periscope
  • Suspension system

During the developing process the Achzarit was tested and approved by the Israel Defense Forces (IDF).

Together with the IDF, Nimda has developed the unique “Israeli Achzarit” model which has become an extremely survivable APC.

 Achzarit – System Layout

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